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at the buzzer / three for three

facsimiles is rob voigt (
cover art by elise symer (


released December 24, 2017




facsimiles Berkeley, California

one EP per year for the rest of my life.

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Track Name: gravity
snowfall with the light off
snow falls as the night comes
coaxed home by a tired sun
and so another damn day is done

holding close as my arms can
i ask myself if i'm a good man
if the stars blink out and the fire's still
how will i know if i've done well

can you feel the pull as days pass
and the strongest buildings turn to scrap
though i don't know how to make us close
i need it still you know
Track Name: talk to you now
i can talk to you now
i can feel your fire
i can wait for the sound
of the fingers dialing

i can come back to this
when it feels uncertain
i rely on your hands
when i share these burdens

i can talk to you now
even by long distance
i can feel your vibrations
inside my systems

i can ask for your voice
or just feel your silence
i can know that you're there
as a fact of science

so far it's worked for me here yet
somehow it seems a change is coming

i can talk to you now
i can burn these tones
in the bark of the trees
i'll use to build my home and

i can make the best of it
i can try to notice
every of kind beauty
hidden in this moment

i can hope that you'll know
that you're always with me
and wherever i go
even old and sickly

i can go for a walk
and feel the fresh air
you have one place to go
and i'll meet you there

so far it's worked for me here yet
somehow it seems a change is coming

i can talk to you now
i can feel your fire
as it ebbs and it flows
as your heat runs higher

i can hear the kids now
and they're singing carols
it's your favorite time of year
there's something in the air

but you're a part of me now
and you always have been
you can tell me what hurts
and i'll gladly listen

i can do my very best
and i can know you'd like it
even though as for me
i'm still undecided
Track Name: some separations
hey can you turn on the light
to make this happen it needs be bright
in the haze of the tiger sweat
revealing things that haven't happened yet

when the payoff is so low
and the fever pitch breaks the elbow
a fixed-up figure suddenly
comes between you and me

hey can you make the food
in this condition it's something i can't do
my movements trickle slowly
the hanging limbs of an old tree

i feel afraid of making fuss
in a place so odd and curious
where amazing things may get stuck
we'll milk the bull or the duck

hey can you leave me be for now
alone i'll set this free somehow
even if we must stay tied down
even if we must be disallowed

you know i do love you my old friends
through rainclouds and the dark winds
even if we fall too far out
i promise things will come around
Track Name: if i'd have known
like a small bud
not yet opened
holding back things
for a moment
we failed to notice
what's been the focus
all along
in the arms of
this same one
if i'd have known

can you picture
that they lived here
holding six hearts
and growing bigger
it's where they built her
it's where they held her
all aglow
i'd have come early
to this family
if i'd have known

there's a wild place
without these highways
where the warm wind
waits in the doorway
i'm a beginner
a mere lamplighter
so i can't go
to that silence
and that brightness
from times of old
but i'd have found a way
to hold tighter
if i'd have known
Track Name: a new blessing
in days of storm and wild winds
when phones won't ring and fears creep in
in cold dark nights with windows broken
long lost dreams of words unspoken

if you feel lonely or afraid
if someone left you in the rain
if the road is long and you've got no lift
i'll send with you a simple wish

may your back stay strong enough
in the night with a broken wing
to bend when each piece needs raising up

may your memory hold tight
those past distant times when
it looked all wrong, but finally turned out fine

tight balled fists and solemn face
when every top will spin away
you've lost your shirt to everyone
you've lost your lovers to the sun

then tied things down with breaths we breathe
ground under your feet accelerating
you try to sing but croak a noise
of confusion with a broken voice

if you feel lonely or afraid
if someone left you in the rain
if the journey's long and you're on your own
i'll send a wish to guide you home

may your secrets all be shared
in close quarters where
you feel no need to hide from those who care

may your fires stay contained
and leave you warmth to spare
to cast a bit of brightness to the air

may your sadness only stay
for the shortest day
and may you soon feel it fall away
Track Name: the sun keeps burning
the sun keeps burning
as i'm waiting for your ghost
to arrive in the evening
following the final glow

there's a light that's restless
there's a signal in the noise
mama bird home to her nest
bearing marks of foreign soils

and though the leaves keep growing and falling
laying bare the design of the bones of the forest
i never thought this moon would take a life

but do we last forever
do the feathers of our wings
lift up weakened bodies
animate their messages

what if i don't believe it
am i turning you away
what of the visions and mysteries
that i can't seem to escape

i always thought my life would be
a puzzle i could unlock i tried (that's what you taught me)
but since the day you died it hurts to hope
to hold your hand once more before you go

the sun keeps burning
as i'm waiting for your ghost
to arrive in the evening
following the final glow

the sun keeps burning
no it won't seem to go down
there's something it's preserving
holding back from flaring out

the sun keeps burning
and it will for very long
the horizons blurring
wish i could play you this song

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